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best laser hair removal in delhi

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best laser hair removal in delhi

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best laser hair removal in delhi

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Know More about Laser Hair Reduction

It is a universal desire of everyone to look best but the occurrence of unwanted hair has always been a familiar hurdle. But thanks to the advancement in technology and the current phase of the dermatology industry, getting a permanent solution is now possible with a hassle-free experience. How? With SkinQure’s Laser Hair Reduction, now get smooth skin for yourself, leaving behind the worry of unwanted hair on your body.

The lasers are US-FDA approved that directly targets the hair follicles for reducing body hair from the roots. Choose us today to experience this magical transformation yourself.

Laser hair reduction is an advanced treatment that is used to stop new hairs growth for a longer duration thereby giving you a clearer, smooth skin.

In simple terms, Laser hair reduction works by heating the hair follicles to stop the growth of new hairs. In this process Energy is selectively absorbed by the hair root that burns unwanted hair. Laser hair reduction requires expertise and should be done by a certified dermatologist.

Laser hair removal
How laser works on hair

As per your skin type and skin colour, doctors will recommend below lasers that are highly effective in laser hair reduction – These are some technologies used for laser hair reduction in Delhi –

  • Diode – This is most common and effective laser hair reduction laser. This laser is good for type I to type IV skin, means ideal for India skin. SkinQure has the same technology for laser hair reduction,. The laser used at SkinQure is Lumenis Lightsheer Desire which is best among Diode Lasers.
Lumenis Lightsheer Desire
Laser for Hair reduction

Other technologies for hair removal are

  • Long Pulse Nd-YAG lasers – This laser is good for dark skinned people. Most of south Indian dermatologists prefer this laser.
  • Intense pulsed light (IPL)- These devices are not laser but flash lamps that emits multiple wavebands of light simultaneously. They work in a similar way to lasers. They are less effectively and they are much less likely to permanently remove hair.

The US govt approves devices/ technology for safety and results of a particular condition. We, at SkinQure, use Lumenis Lightsheer Diode Laser (mentioned in previous answer) which is US-FDA approved, the best laser for hair removal.

So, here we are talking about laser hair reduction, not laser hair removal. In an average 6-10 sitting will be required to get 70-90% result. You can get better results if – hair is thick and dark. So it depends on person to person. Make it clear that most of time maintenance sittings is required to sustain the effect.

Although our laser is quite safe but some temporary side effects include moderate discomfort, swelling or redness may happen which subsides in a few days.

Other than this, if laser hair reduction is done by a certified dermatologist or under his guidance/ supervision, the complications are rare. So, the other possible side effects that may happen, includes-

  •  Burning and Blistering followed by scarring
  • Skin lightening or darkening
  • Reactivation of Herpes simplex (cold sores)

Post laser hair reduction, avoid sun exposure, makeup, facials and excessive rubbing or any treatment for one week. You can do cold sponging to get relief from redness. Doctor may prescribe medicines to reduce redness that can be applied for 5-7 days. Use moisturiser and thick coat of sunscreen. In case of any help, Contact our manager on 9999557274.

Our Testimonials

best laser hair removal in delhi


I am extremely pleased and happy to consult Dr. Jangid as he is indeed one of the top dermatologist present in town. The LHR treatment went effectively, in a hassle-free manner, offering me a satisfactory result. Thumbs up for Team SkinQure.


best laser hair removal in delhi

Mandeep Jangra

I was on a verge of losing my confidence due to the appearance of unwanted hair on my body. But thanks to Dr. Jangid, he helped me like a savior where words aren’t enough for acknowledging his expertise. Thank you.

Mandeep Jangra

best laser hair removal in delhi

Avni Kaul

Dr. Jangid’s expert guidance has done wonders for eradicating my excessive hair issue. He provided me the best treatment after which I only had to follow his instructions that proved effective, fruitful, and of course, satisfactory.

Avni Kaul

best laser hair removal in delhi


Dr. Jangid’s LHR treatment is really excellent, doing miracles. He is an experienced doctor who can easily diagnose any issue, offering you the best treatment.