Ways to Remove Scabs After Hair Transplant

Ways to Remove Scabs After Hair Transplant

Since you already have gone through one of the most important transformational surgery in your life, you might be pretty much excited about the results you're about to get, post-treatment. But you might be scratching your head in worry after seeing scabs on the scalp area, wondering what exactly are they? Are these occurring due to the side-effect of the

Hair Transplant

Dr. Jangid, Hair Transplant surgeon at SkinQure states that getting scabs after hair transplant is a normal phenomenon. They occur due to the trauma your skin of the scalp went through during the surgical procedure. The wounds heal in themselves that generate a layer to protect, which we call scabs.

Scabs Formation

Scabs are usually formed around the 3rd day of the surgery. Though they are formed to heal the affected area during the surgery, there are some disadvantages as well. They simultaneously reduce the breathing area for the new hair follicles that can surely hamper the overall progress of hair transplants. Therefore, it turns mandatory to remove these scabs on a regular basis, reducing the damage they can cause to your hair.

Scabs Formation

Tips to Remove Scabs Effectively

Post-Surgery Hair Wash

For taking care of the scabs, most dermatologists suggest having a proper hair wash after a hair transplant. You can wait for approximately 72 hours and then go for the hair wash. You can opt for a mild shampoo that can help you get rid of the emerging scabs, allowing breathing space to the new hair follicles. Usually, baby shampoos are recommended as they are mild in nature with minimum chemicals. Avoid Picking Up Scab by Hand The donor area might feel itchy where you might consider scratching it by your nails which is completely a wrong action to take. Picking up scabs with hands can easily damage your hair follicles that will impact the progress of hair transplants.

Go for Saline Spray

Saline spray is something that is usually suggested by doctors. The sole purpose behind using it is to promote the healing procedure, reducing the itchy feeling of the scalp as well.

Allow the Scabs to Dry

Apart from the itchy scabs, try to let the other ones be the way they are, providing it time to dry completely. Once the scabs are dry, they tend to wither away on their own which is the skin’s natural phenomenon of healing, offering the best result.
For any further inquiries, you can consider booking an appointment with our professional hair surgeon, Dr. Jangid, clearing all your doubts. SkinQure is Delhi NCR’s leading and trusted skin and hair clinic offering the best, possible results.

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