Reasons Why Laser Hair Reduction Is Gaining Popularity

Reasons-Why-Laser Hair Removal Is Gaining Popularity

Millions of people all across the world are looking for different effective solutions to enhance their external beauty. While people with wrinkles and fine lines are opting for Botox treatment or dermal fillers, others suffering from excessive hair on their bodies are searching for solutions to remove them permanently. You might think about waxing and shaving, but these are now the things of the past that’s a painful process along with a time-consuming one.

Botox Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair reduction procedures are gaining advancement daily that’s attracting more number of people to try its effectiveness. But why exactly is this procedure gaining popularity, especially in a country like India? Well, let’s find out as we cover some of the reasons that are responsible for the same.

Cosmetic or Underlying Conditions

Various reasons can be pointed out while talking about the gaining popularity of laser hair reduction procedures. Though, some key aspects can be due to cosmetic reasons or due to underlying conditions such as hirsutism or hypertrichosis. The reason can be anything, but ensure to get the treatment done from a renowned clinic that’s safe and devoid of worrying side-effects.

womans leg with gel hair removal

Laser: Beneficial for Hair Follicle & Melanin

The laser hair reduction technique destroys the root of the hair follicle which is rich in a component called melanin. It is responsible for giving the hair its desired color. So when it’s exposed to the laser, the melanin absorbs the photons being emitted from the laser, breaking down the melanin and hair follicle in an appropriate manner. Also, the lasers used at most of the clinics, including SkinQure are approved by the FDA that adds confidence and trust amongst the patients.

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Safe & Effective Procedure

The laser hair reduction technique comes along with minimal side-effects that make it a must-opt procedure for a flawless appearance. The process is extremely fast and effective that eventually depends upon the doctor treating you along with the equipment being used. So if you’re looking for a LHR treatment, consider getting it from the right hands, offering satisfactory results.

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