Over Sanitizing Can Be a Serious Thing. Read On to Know How

don't over sanitise (2020-05-12)

Using sanitizers for the hand can be fruitful in killing germs, thus keeping infections at bay. But simultaneously, the overuse of hand sanitizers can lead to several skin problems, as Dr. Jangid explains.

Cleaning your hands with sanitizers was basically one of the first few recommendations that rolled out from the healthcare professionals all across the world. This measure started to get implemented on a massive level, assumed to fight and break the chain of the COVID-19 transmission occurring worldwide. Apart from hand sanitizers, shielding your nose and mouth were some other recommendations that people started to adopt for eradicating this virus.

But as the demand for hand sanitizer surges rapidly, people, on the other hand, have started raising questions around its usefulness and effectiveness. Amongst many queries, the most common one came out as ‘Are hand sanitizers really safe to use?’

Let’s focus on some essential pointers related to hand sanitizers that can prove beneficial for every individual.

Opt for Alcohol-Based Sanitizers

According to Dr. Jangid, an Ex-Sr. AIIMS trained dermatologist practicing at SkinQure states, “The alcohol-based hand sanitizers are indeed compelling as compared to the ordinary ones. But as a normal coin has two sides, similar is the case here. Suggesting as per his expertise, Dr. Jangid states that the over usage of hand sanitizers can lead to a situation like hand dermatitis.

Thus it’s not wrong to use hand sanitizers for safety. But overdoing might lead you into trouble which you definitely want to avoid.

Over Usage: A Crucial Issue

If you’re amongst those who believe that overdoing is always fruitful and resides in your forte, then probably it’s time for you to reconsider this. Irrefutably, hand sanitizers have the potential to kill the germs, but overdoing it can lead to welcome several skin-based issues like dryness, psoriasis, rashes, eczema, and dermatitis.

Soap: A Good Alternative

It’s advisable to switch to even use soaps for washing hands for getting rid of bacteria and viruses. Hand sanitizers are effective, but meanwhile, soaps can also be a great option. Thus, Dr. Jangid suggests you to use antiseptic soap amid this pandemic.

But do remember that soaps have the potential to absorb your skin’s moisture, turning it dry and itchy in various situations. Therefore, try using a good moisturizer once you’re done washing your hands.

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