Online Consultation: The Superhero Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

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The definition of normalcy has sure-shot been changed over the past few months after the pandemic stormed in our lives. From our regular activities to opt for a professional skincare consultation, things have irrefutably been revamped keeping the safety measures in mind. As a result, even the dermatology market has transformed accordingly, taking necessary steps for keeping the momentum going while people aren’t willing to step out from the protective bubble of their homes.

So in such a scenario, getting regular check-ups even doesn’t sound like a good idea. Thus, what can be the solution in such a case? Of course, it’s an online consultation.

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SkinQure, one of Delhi’s top hair and skin clinics has started to utilize this modern-day tool more than even for professionally offering the consultation to patients looking out for hair and skin centric issues. Also due to the long-extended lockdown, skincare concerns have drastically shot up in the graph due to some reasons that might include:

  • The amount of stress that got rooted from the pandemic, causing havoc on people’s skin tone and texture.
  • Imbalance in people’s food and nutrition patterns.
  • The regular use of masks is often inviting several skin-based issues.
  • The monsoon season has accompanied skin and hair concern that requires rightful attention.

eyeglasses with uv protection

Especially now when skin specialists like Dr. Jangid offering best skin treatments are now available digitally, getting your regular check-up through online consultations turns easy and hassle-free.

Key Aspects of Our Online Consultation

For all those who are wondering how exactly we’ll be addressing your skin and hair related issues, we have designed several steps for making the consultation procedure elaborative and effective. The entire process is smooth sailing for both the patients and the doctor. Those who are still wondering about our basic online consultation details, find below some pointers that might prove fruitful, eradicating your concern.

  • Detailed patient history is collected after which the findings are collated for Dr. Jangid to analyze and deliver a diagnosis.
  • The availability of our dedicated in-house team to handle online consultation queries and requests serve your concern.
  • The consultation is then scheduled where you can present your queries in front of Dr. Jangid, getting assistance towards finding a solution for the same.
  • A follow-up consultation is scheduled to check up on your progress.
  • The medicines and other skin/hair based products mandatory for a better result is prescribed in a paperless manner.

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