Night-Time Routine for your Skincare

Night-Time Routine for your Skincare

Your skin gets damaged due to dust and dirt on a daily basis, which is why daily night routine turns essential for healthy and glowing skin. Daily night routine can help you protect your skin from harmful ingredients present in the outer world, helping your skin recover. Night-time routine helps in improving the affected part of your skin, repairing it for smooth and glowing skin. According to Dr. Jangid, Best Skincare Expert in Delhi NCR, “The kind of night-time routine depends upon the type of job you do or the way you take care of yourself. For example, if you are an office goer, applying a good moisturizer or any sunscreen at a fixed interval can just do the trick. While at night, you can simply opt for a good face wash, removing everything like dirt, pigmentation, and pollution.” The age factor further plays a crucial role in skincare routine. If you are a student, being exposed to the sun along with dust particles increases. For such a group, using a good moisturizer along with a good face wash is highly recommended. Furthermore, you can also opt for natural medication like Vitamin C, helping you fight the dust particles. The consumption of Vitamin C not only improves pigmentation but also acts as an anti-aging ingredient. Azelaic acid is also a good natural option that helps in the healing of skin.

Night Routine: How Important is it to Develop?

“Night routine is a must to do activity, especially in the evening. Night routine not only allows you to clean up everything before going to bed but also provides some sort of rest to the skin, offering it time to repair itself. You can go for skin-related products, depending upon your skin and requirement for it to get repaired,” adds Dr. Jangid. If your skin is sensitive, try avoiding fragranced products. You can use intense moisturizer for your sensitive skin, blessing it with the smoothness and glow you had been planning all this long. Moreover, itching should be avoided that can develop redness or even increase the chance of rashes. If in any case, your skin is introduced with the chemical part, oil shielding like using a cream-based moisturizer can be done for releasing up your skin from all the harmful particles.

Is it Age-Specific?

It is definitely age-specific. If you are a student, you probably don’t get enough time for taking care of your skin, despite having more exposure to dust particles. In such a case, you can include anti-oxidants like Vitamin C in your diet, helping your skin to repair accordingly. If you belong in between the 30-40 age group, creams like anti-oxidant, Vitamin C+ or Vitamin E can be used further. If you are above 35 to 40, it turns mandatory to be more precise towards taking care of your skin. Thus, the consumption of Vitamin A can turn out to be a great option for your healthy skin. You can also go for Vitamin C which is also a healthy alternative option for your affected skin. Normally, Vitamin A and C are recommended for reformation and alternatives at night.

How Does a Night Routine Differ from a Day Routine?

Taking care of skin during the daytime turns more obvious as compared to nights. During the daytime, an individual is expected to have more sun exposer along with infrared radiation. Day and night cream combination is totally different as during the daytime, more usage of sunscreen is required whereas, during the night, the usage of creams containing Vitamin C is recommended. It’s mandatory to understand that one just can’t use Vitamin C in the morning as it gets oxidized. However, office goers can use it, as they work in artificial light and have less sunlight exposure.

Do Men Require it too?

It’s obvious to acknowledge the fact that men also require proper daily skincare. Men’s skin is comparatively tougher than women that require more time to recover, once damaged. But this doesn’t mean that women can’t have rough skin. In fact, it completely depends upon the skin type, and not on the gender of the sufferer. At SkinQure, Dr. Jangid along with his skilled staff assures to provide the best result for all your hair and skin centric issues. Not just the treatment, but the professional guidance and mentorship provided by Dr. Jangid himself makes our clinic the best one, existing in the entire Delhi NCR region.

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