Laser Hair Removal: Frequently Asked Questions

A majority of dermatologists use either laser technology or electrolysis for the purpose of hair removal. While it depends upon the situation and requirement both of the treatments have their own advantages and disadvantages.

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Talking about the laser hair removal, if you’re having any query regarding the procedure, this blog is an enlightening one for you that you just shouldn’t miss giving a read on. So let’s start emphasizing on some of the common queries we get related to the laser hair removal.

How Both the Technologies Work?

The laser technology for hair removal used high-intensity light pulses supposed to target dark-colored melanin pigment in the hair root. In this procedure, the light energy is converted into heat energy, vaporizing the root.

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Whereas, electrolysis uses a small wire that is inserted into the hair shaft by a dermatologist. It entirely burns off the hair bulb and the process is repeated for all hair follicles residing in the targeted area.

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What Modality Are We Using?

We are currently equipped with the most advanced and innovative laser machines that offer great results to your hair removal treatment. The machine has an inbuilt skin cooling system as well that offers sheer comfort. And not to miss, all the lasers are US-FDA approved, representing quality for known results.

How Many Sittings Are Usually Required?

Usually, in a single sitting, only 10-60% of hair follicles are targeted. The hair is normally in the growing phase but further sessions are required to target hair follicles that turn active. So depending upon the condition, 6-10 sessions might be required.

What Is the Time Required Between Sittings?

At SkinQure, it usually involves a gap of 3-4 weeks from session to session. Though, it also depends upon the patient’s condition and other relevant factors.

How Many Sessions Are Required for Witnessing an Effective Result?

With every session, your hair turns thinner and finer. At SkinQure, we have seen patients taking at least 4 sessions for noticing a satisfactory result.

Are the Results Permanent?

To be clear, currently, there is no such technology that can guarantee permanent and complete hair removal. Rather, it’s a hair reduction procedure that needs to be repeated but after a good long time, worth your money and time.

Does the Treatment Hurt?

Generally, an average person doesn’t feel any sort of pain, making it a painless and hassle-free procedure.

What is the Cost for Laser Treatment Sessions?

The laser treatment for hair removal depends on the targeted area for the procedure. In such a case, you can contact us for a price. Also, SkinQure usually offers a reasonable discount that makes the treatment procedure a pocket-friendly one for our patients.

So we highlighted some of the most common asked questions, answering them respectively. For any further questions, visit our website or give us a call right away. We will be addressing your query shortly.

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