Laser Hair Reduction: Get to Know These Things Before this Laser Treatment

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It’s been a good time since the laser hair reduction has undergone advancement, in terms of technology, tools, offering a hassle-free and satisfactory outcome. Known to provide the best laser for hair removal in Delhi NCR, SkinQure is now amongst the renowned names in terms of offering the best laser hair reduction treatment in the entire town.

Witnessing this acknowledgment from our own happy and satisfied patients, we thought to pen down some essential pointers that you should be really aware of before getting the laser hair reduction treatment done. So, let’s uncover the remaining body of the content together.

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Might Sound Painful, But the Process Isn’t Too Bad

Dr. Jangid, our very own hair specialist at SkinQure explains that the laser hair reduction treatment works on the methodology of sending the light of a laser through the pigment present in the hair. Once the treatment initiates, the light then converts into heat that’s supposed to damage the hair follicles along with hair bulbs.

eyeglasses with uv protection

This is why for making the process a minimal pain enduring one, many lasers have a cooling mechanism that runs cold blast for helping the procedure.

Patience Pays Off

For a visible .laser hair reduction treatment result, it takes approximately 2-3 weeks post-treatment when you can start seeing the difference. And on a general term, the process requires a total of 8-12 months for getting a full-fledged result.

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You Need to Shave the Area Before the Laser Treatment

Even the US-FDA approved lasers available at our clinic can react with your hair present on the skin’s surface. This is why before the laser treatment at SkinQure, your dermatologist will be trimming or shaving the to be treated area for avoiding such issues. Some of the common issues can be skin irritation or the dreaded burnt hair smell.

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It’s A Big No to Gym Afterward

The heat that is emitted from the laser in the hair reduction process stays in your skin for the next 24 hours. This is why most of the dermatologists say a big no to activities like gym, saunas, hot showers, etc. Why? Because it might lead to the risk of emergence of a warm environment for bacteria that can multiply, giving you spots.

Time to Get Serious About the Sun

For all those that are looking out for laser hair reduction treatment, make a note that you’ll be advised by your dermatologist for avoiding sunbathing and sun exposure as much as possible, prior and post the treatment. Also, if the area you want to laser on has a tan, in that case, you might need to wait for a while till it fades away.
Having any further queries regarding laser hair reduction? Consider booking an appointment at SkinQure Clinic in Delhi. For any assistance, you can write to us on: info@skinqure.in or can contact us through call on: +09266566600

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