Everything You Need to Know About Body Hair Transplant


The mechanism and practice of body hair transplant (BHT) have gained immense momentum and popularity over the last couple of years that sees no stopping. This revolutionary treatment option had changed the way people want to look in today’s time. But do you know when is the body hair transplant required?

The body hair transplant is utilized fundamentally in situations where the head donor section is not appropriately suited for the extraction purpose. This leads to the probability of hair transplant from the body where follicular units are usually removed from various body parts like chest, mid-region, legs, or arms, transplanting them on the scalp.

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Critical Things to Know in Body Hair Transplant

If a body hair transplant is what you’re looking for or interested in, consider going through these things that prove informative and fruitful for you.

  • Remember that body hair is always unique in relation to the scalp hair.
  • The heading and surface are extraordinary that involves bending them methodically with scalp hair.
  • Storing and hydrating the extracted grafts from the donor’s regions turns essential for retaining the quality
  • Taking proper care of the incisions made in the head is always necessary.
  • The surgeon must be professionally skilled to carefully use this technique powered with highly integrated technical systems.

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Success Rate & Limitations in Body Hair Transplant

The sole purpose of switching to a body hair transplant is to get a better volume of hair on the scalp, getting maximum results from the transplantation procedure. But body hair requires extra consciousness as they are comparatively shorter in length along with being slender in nature.

  • The method is best suited for those who have great body hair. Depending on the thickness and the volume of hair on a particular region, extraction is planned accordingly.
  • The transplanted hair is believed to change its structure as soon as the process gets completed. It adapts to the structure of the original hair on the head.
  • The body hair transplant is usually a result-oriented procedure, giving 70-80 percent of results without any issue or side-effect.

The body hair transplant is getting popular where more people are now showing interest in getting this treatment done. Book an appointment today with SkinQure and get to know how you can achieve a better volume of hair on the scalp, getting hair transplanted from your body parts.

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