Effective Tips for Healthy Winter Skin You Can Adhere To

Effective Tips for Healthy Winter Skin You Can Adhere To

The winter season can create havoc on your skin, turning it dry, itchy, and irritated as well. And once it starts to happen, there is probably no escaping from it. The winter is accompanied by cold, blustery conditions outside that can make your skin feel raw. Whereas, the indoor heat can absorb moisture from the air and skin both.

In this blog, we will be emphasizing simple ways that can be adopted by you to deal with the dry winter skin, helping yourself to feel better. This might require a brief change in your daily routine as well, taking out time for effective skincare. So, let’s unwrap some of the tips that Dr. Jangid pens down for amazing winter skincare, making you feel better and refreshed all winter long.

Invest in Humidifier

Investing in a humidifier and placing it in your home or office can add moisture to dry winter air, helping you to keep your skin hydrated. Thus, it is suggested to place it in a room where you spend most of your wintertime, including your bedroom as well.

Invest Humidifier

Limit Shower Time

You might find it tempting to go for a long, steamy shower but that might not bring a good outcome for your skin during winters. So it is suggested to take a 5-10 minute lukewarm bath that can serve effectively for your skin. Also, avoid using hot water for washing your hands frequently as it can turn your skin red, increasing issues for your healthy skin.

Limit Shower Time

Gentle, Fragrance-Free Cleansers

You might be pretty much aware by now that a wrong selection of soap can easily worsen your skin condition, introducing the feeling of itchiness and dry skin. Usually, normal soaps contain irritating ingredients that can surge skin issues for you during the winters. Therefore, gentle, fragrance-free products can turn out to be the right pick for you, preventing winter skin problems.

Gentle Fragrance Free Cleansers

Modify Your Winter Facial Skincare Regimen

Using some cream-based cleansers along with applying toners and astringents can just do the trick for maintaining your healthy skin during the winters. But try to conduct good research or consult a good dermatologist first before adopting such a skincare regimen as many products contain alcohol that can further dry your skin. Restricting yourself from using alcohol-based products helps your skin in retaining its natural oils. Furthermore, consider using a richer moisturizer during the night on your face.

Modify Your Winter Facial Skincare Regimen

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