Dr. Jangid, Best Dermatologist in Delhi Suggests Precautions for Post Hair Transplantation

Hair transplant

Hair transplantation is now amongst the newest trends that are hitting the dermatology sector by storm. Once where this treatment was opted only by a selected group of individuals have drastically got revamped where many people have started showing interest in gaining back their natural look through healthy and beautiful hair.

You might have undergone through a good hair transplant surgery, supervised under an expert dermatologist like Dr. Jangid, expecting to witness the fruitful outcome soon. But are you familiar with the fact that you need to take certain precautions as well, essential for an enhanced look and result. So if your dermatologist has not consulted you over the same, don’t worry. Our professional dermatologist and one of the best dermatologist in Delhi NCR, Dr. Jangid is here to lay down some essential precautions for you to adhere to, post hair transplant surgery.

So stop whatever you’re doing right now and give this blog a proper read on for ensuring the right growth and results for your transplanted hair. Here we go.

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Avoid Friction Against Your Newly Transplanted Hair

Coming straight from the expertise of Dr. Jangid, the best dermatologist in South Delhi, one strictly needs to avoid any sort of friction on the treated area, which is the scalp area. Thus from sleeping habits to lifestyle, you need to be extra conscious for ensuring the right growth of your newly transplanted hair. So if you don’t have a habit of sleeping flat on your side or tummy, start practicing it for a few days post-treatment. Also, avoid your scalp area being rubbed against a pillow.

Dr. Jangid suggests that if in between you start experiencing swelling, be alarmed and approach your dermatologist for an urgent consultation.

Avoid Any Sort of Contact on Your Treated Scalp

This is perhaps the utmost thing that you need to do for ensuring an effective result of hair transplantation. Being the best skin doctor in Delhi, Dr. Jangid suggests strictly to avoid any sort of contact with the treated area, be it applying ice, scratching it, wearing hats or ball caps for the first 5-6 days. During this tenure, scabs get naturally formed that require at least 3-4 days to solidify. Thus, it’s suggested to avoid anything from touching your head.

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Don’t Engage Yourself in Heavy Exercises

A good dermatologist like Dr. Jangid strictly prohibits any sort of engagement in heavy physical activities if you recently had undergone hair transplantation. The sole reason is to stay careful from exertion that can elevate your blood pressure and heart rate, leading to the risk of swelling. Thus, try staying in a safe zone by performing light cardio-related exercises for a brief workout session.

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Avoid Exposure to Direct Sunlight

Exposing your treated scalp area to direct sunlight can surge the risk of sunburn, leading to side-effects along with the hampered growth of the newly planted hair. Therefore, don’t go outside directly into the sunlight for at least during the first 2 weeks. After one week, you can choose a comfortable hat for covering your head that will eventually reduce the risk of sunburn. But make sure the quality of the hat is of great quality, proving friendly for your newly-transplanted hair.

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