An Overview on Hair Thinning: Causes and Cure by Hair Specialist

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Thinning of hair is irrefutably one of the most commonly occurring and stressful conditions amongst both the men and women in today’s time, especially due to the unhealthy environment and lifestyles we all are habituated of. Though to some extent, hair loss is considered normal by our hair specialist practicing at SkinQure. But if the situation gets worse, it might lead to the emergence of bald patches or complete baldness as per the situation.

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Hair is indeed our pride to flaunt and thus it turns essential to take proper care of it along with knowing the details associated with certain hair-based issues like hair thinning. In this piece, let’s emphasize and understand the major causes behind the occurrence of hair thinning and how it can be controlled. Let’s begin.

Hair Thinning: Prime Causes

As per the scientific findings, losing 50 to 100 strands of hair on a daily basis is a normal phenomenon that should not be a matter of concern for you getting stressed. However, if this number surges, definitely it may lead to permanent hair thinning that needs quick attention. As a hair specialist and a leading dermatologist in Delhi, our doctor pens down several causes of hair loss that you can keep in mind, thus reacting to the situation accordingly.

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Hereditary: – This is indeed one of the primary reasons behind the occurrence of hair loss in both males and females. Due to this factor, one can easily encounter a male & female pattern of baldness that can be treated by consulting a good dermatologist on time. Also, people having such a family history might easily undergo hair thinning as well.

Physical Conditions: – Injuries and accidents are other key factors that play a vital role in hair loss on some parts of the scalp. This can lead to permanent hair loss as well, but thanks to the new-age technology, it has turned possible to regain your natural hair back through treatments like laser procedure. All you need is to consult a good hair clinic like us near you, analyzing your situation and thus offering you a fruitful treatment.

Hormonal Conditions: – Talking about hair loss and thinning of hair in females, hormonal conditions play a crucial role as a decisive factor. Childbirth, pregnancy, intake of birth control pills, menopause, etc are some reasons that can lead to drastic hair loss where the hair growth cycle comes to a halt. But the situation can be controlled once the hormones level up again.

Medical Conditions: – You might be familiar with this pointer. If not, then note down that several medical conditions directly create an impact on your hair, causing them to lose with on a regular time interval. The conditions might include thyroid, scalp infections, blood pressure, heart disorders, cancer, and etc. Alopecia areata also falls under this category.

Hair Thinning: Treatments

The first course of treatment is always the medicines that will be prescribed by your doctor after analyzing your condition. As per your hair’s state, you might be given some creams or gels for applying topically on the scalp. The important ingredient in these medications is minoxidil which is known globally for curing hair loss considerably.

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But when even the medications aren’t able to cure hair loss, surgical treatments come into action. Hair transplant surgery and laser hair treatment are two of the known procedures that are known ways for extracting hair follicles from your posterior parts of the scalp, grafting them accordingly on the bald-appearing areas.

Though, always remember to consult a reliable and the best hair transplant doctor in town for hair transplantation as experience and specialization play a vital role for an effective result.

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