Addressing Some Myths Associated with Laser Hair Removal

laser hair removal

Myths and facts have always been two sides of the same coin since ages. It’s just that the belief and emphasis of people differentiate from side to side accordingly. However, it’s essential to pinpoint what’s true and untrue, addressing people with the correct information that can be left open in the world of digitalization for people to engulf.

Talking about laser hair removal, it’s one of those procedures that has drastically gained popularity in the last couple of years. Being considered amongst the latest trends, several myths and facts are also associated with this technique that needs quick attention which is why this blog has been written.

Dr, Jangid, one of the best dermatologists in Delhi says, “With the rise in disposable income of people, they are now more interested in opting for new ways to look good. Thus, they are switching to laser hair removal, avoiding the hassle of waxing, plucking, and depilatory creams.”

Reportedly, laser hair removal is amongst the five most performed procedures that are being performed in Delhi. Even we, at SkinQure being the best dermatology clinic in Delhi NCR offers all sorts of treatment, including laser hair removal under the supervision of our expert dermatologist, Dr. Jangid.

So, let’s start debunking some myths about laser hair removal that requires quick attention.

It’s a Painful Procedure

This is perhaps one of the most common myths associated with laser hair removal. Treating patients successfully for over a decade now, I personally state that the procedure is not that kind of painful as you might have been thinking all this long. Rather, it simply gives you a tingling feeling and nothing more than that. Most people restrain themselves from opting for this procedure simply due to this myth which is nothing more than a delusion. In fact, waxing and electrolysis are way more painful than this method.

Laser Hair Removal can’t Be Performed on Dark Skin

Science is crossing boundaries on a daily basis, setting up a new bar for others to cross. Thanks to this, the science of laser hair removal has also got advanced with changing time where equipment can work efficiently on any sort of skin, including the dark skin. However, being a professional dermatologist myself, I’ll suggest to checklist all the details before heading towards this procedure. So, the conclusion we should take out from this is that laser hair removal can effectively work and bring fruitful results even on the darkest of skin.

It’s an Expensive Procedure

Laser hair removal can reside a bit of an expensive side when compared with other methods but it’s definitely not affordable. It’s not at all that expensive as you think. Also, the costing depends upon the clinic you’re visiting for the treatment where it’s recommended to select a good clinic that’s being operated by an expert dermatologist. The costing due to this might increase a bit, but a satisfactory result will be guaranteed without any side-effects or so. According to Dr. Jangid, an Ex-Sr AIMS trained dermatologist, effective results can be operated in such a manner, where the procedure should be repeated for approximately 6 weeks as prescribed by the doctor.

So are you also worried about what impact will laser hair removal will bring on to you? If so, then consult Dr. Jangid, one of the best skin and hair experts in Delhi, guiding you in the best possible manner.

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